Accessibility – this site can now be read

Accessibility – this site can now be read

It’s important to me that we create an inclusive society. Though this website is but a small part of the greater internet, I want to make sure it can be read by everyone, whether they have difficulties discerning colours, use a screen-reader or other assistive technology, or if they have dyslexia or other impediments. If you fit into any of those groups, or none, you’re welcome here!

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Until recently, if you tried to have my site read out loud, it would start by reading the menu items. It is for that reason, in case you wondered, that I recently have updated the design of the site. If you are on another site and find that annoying, press ⌘ and F6 (Ctrl and F6 in Windows) in Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome, to move focus to the webpage’s content.

Below, I have described how each browser’s screen-reader can be turned on. Personally, I use the Edge shortcut regularly with headphones so I can make a cup of coffee while reading a website.

How to make the page be read out loud in Microsoft Edge (my preferred browser)

In Microsoft Edge, the page can be read to you by pressing ⌘, Shift, and U (On Windows: Ctrl, Shift, and U).

How to make the page be read out loud in Safari

Press ⌘, Shift, and ? to bring up the help menu. Type “Speech” and press the down arrow twice. Press Enter.

How to make the page be read out loud in Firefox

Press ⌥, ⌘, and R (F9 in Windows) to get into reader view, and then press ‘N’ to have the page read. Press N again to stop the reading, and press ⌥, ⌘, and R (F9 in Windows) again to turn off reader view. Note: This symbol: ⌥ is “Option” in MacOS, in case your screenreader is unable to read it, so the command to enter Reader View in Firefox for MacOS is Option, Command, and R.

The voice is, unfortunately, very unpleasant, so I suggest you use Edge if this is something you want or need to do regularly.

How to make the page be read out loud in Google Chrome

I could not make the keyboard shortcut work on Chrome (Ctrl + Alt + Z on Windows), so I suggest installing Edge.


Enjoy reading, however you prefer.

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