Gluten free restaurants

Gluten free restaurants

This page links to lists of restaurants that can cope with gluten free diets and is organized by US state or by country:

Other gluten free restaurants I have visited can be seen on my list on Google Maps.


If you need to follow a gluten free diet, the best gluten free sourdough I have had is from Bread SRSLY. Follow the link to have it delivered to your home and support this site at the same time.

As a celiac (UK: coeliac) from birth, I had never tried sourdough, so for me it was a revelation. My non-celiac wife says that when toasted it tastes exactly like sourdough toast.

I would not recommend having it untoasted – for that there are better other breads, but for work-from-home types, and for the weekend, it’s the perfect toast option. Buy it here.