Why I think the Apple Vision Pro is worth it

Why I think the Apple Vision Pro is worth it

The Apple Vision Pro is expensive. There are no two ways about it. But – and this is important – so are all Apple products. They are expensive, but they also provide value. My Macbook Pro 16 with the Apple Silicon chip is so much better than any Windows laptop I have ever used, seen, or heard about, that it’s ridiculous. It’s more expensive than a typical Windows laptop, but the battery lasts more than a day, the processor is stupid fast, and it stays cool the whole time. That, combined with an iPhone, AirPods, etc., makes a whole better offering than Microsoft, Google, or Samsung can offer.

So, we’ve established that Apple is often more expensive. But that it also usually provides value.

What is it for?

The Apple Vision Pro is $3,499 which is a lot of money. In the UK, it’s a second hand car.

But it’s a Mac on your face – it’s got the same processor as the Mac Mini, or the MacBook Air. So, if you have a keyboard, this is a Mac with a massive screen. My hot take is that that is what this is. First, and foremost, it’s a computer.

The fact that it’s also a personal TV / cinema, camera, iPad, FaceTime device, and virtual reality headset, adds further value to it.

Will I get one?

When this comes out, my Macbook will not be due for replacement. But, when I do need a new computer, I think the Apple Vision Pro might be something genuinely worth considering. I can’t wait to try one out.

I just wish it was a little cheaper – I want my spouse and I to be able to watch content together. I recognize that the technology is expensive, and that it needs to be this sort of price, but I do want two!

What do you think? Will you get one? Am I wrong about it being a computer first, and an entertainment device second? Tell me in the comments below.

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