As I approach graduation in my MFA in Creative Writing, I am eager to help other writers and creators with line-editing, proofreading, or similar services.


  • Book-doctoring: Diagnosing the problems or weaknesses of a story, and providing story arc or characterisation (US: characterization) assistance.
  • Line-editing: Finding issues in sentence structure in the context of the wider work.
  • Proofreading: More nuts and bolts work to find and remove errors in grammar, spelling, or syntax.
  • Anglicising (US: Anglicizing): Make writing by non-native English speakers read as if written by a native of the UK or the USA (as preferred).

Free consultation available. Just contact me for more information.

Pricing is by customer location:

  • US$49 per hour for customers in Australia, New Zealand, United States, or Canada
  • £42 per hour for customers in the UK
  • €49 per hour for customers in the EU
  • Lower local rate for customers outside of listed territories

Contact me to get started on your project.