Apotheca, Goffstown

Apotheca, Goffstown

My wife and I were looking for a cafe in the Manchester, New Hampshire area which had enough room and comfort for a day spent working on various projects. We found Apotheca, and it’s a great find.

We arrived before lunch and after trying a Gibraltar Coffee (very interesting, but perhaps a little grown-up for my tastebuds), I had a coconut latte, which was very good and not too sweet.

The reason I am writing about this place, though, is because of their gluten free offerings. I ordered a “Flying Pig” which is a bagel with cheese, bacon and egg. When I ordered they checked whether I was celiac, and when I confirmed I was, they made special efforts to avoid cross-contamination.

It’s wonderful to feel like a normal person, and just to have lunch out without thinking too much about it, and without worrying about the result!

If you are interested in coffee, my wife has just started reading The Monk of Mocha, which is a story about a Yemeni man trying to get Yemeni coffee-making resurrected. It’s a good read, and if you buy it through this link, you will be supporting Code and Copy.

See Apotheca’s website for more information: https://apothecaflowershoppe.com/cafe

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