I ordered some sourdough bread from Bread SRSLY because, as a celiac [UK: coeliac] I always want to try new things that are gluten free. I ordered Sourdough, Sweet Onion Sourdough and Seeded Sourdough.

I thought it best to try the standard sourdough first. It is a bit heavier than real bread, but it definitely had that sourdough taste.

I was diagnosed as a baby, so I don’t know how things should taste, but my gluten-able wife confirmed it’s a good sourdough. Toasted, it tasted perfect.

During our current COVID-19 lock-down, it will be easy to toast this, but at work they have toasters I cannot put my gluten free bread in and hope for it to come out uncontaminated, so this may need to be weekend bread.

Sidenote, in England, where I am from, there are rarely toasters in the staff kitchens. These are considered a safety hazard. There are kettles, for making that important beverage, tea, but no toasters. In the USA – the place Brits blame for Health and Safety – toasters are fine, even when the CIO lays it on its side to make a grilled cheese sandwich.

I am looking forward to tasting the other flavors [UK: flavours] but for now my recommendation is to get some if you like toasted bread, you will use it to make sandwiches, or if you have missed sourdough bread.

As a baby-diagnosed-know-nothing, I have not missed sourdough bread, but now I have tried it from Bread SRSLY, maybe I will!

Take a look at Bread SRSLY’s website, and buy some bread if you’ve never tried it.

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  1. Just a quick update. Now that the pandemic appears to be becoming a thing of the past, even as some are still dying, more of us are working from home. In those circumstances, this bread makes an even better option!

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