Ease of remembering

Ease of remembering

Correction (November 14, 2022): It has now been established that ‘Sans Forgetica’ does not aid recall (Source), so please know that what was written below is now not supported by the evidence.

In an earlier post, I described how the font, Lexend Deca, was designed to make it easier to read some material. Since that post, this entire website has utilized that font (so long as your browser and operating system support WOFF files) and this post has hard-coded adherence to using that font, just in case.

I have now come across a new font designed using the scientific method to improve recall. Everything written in this font is easier to remember!

The difficulty you experience reading the text increases the effort made by the brain to process the text, and this helps with recall.

So, if you’re preparing for exams, or even just writing notes, perhaps you should download the free font from RMIT and use it for your notes.

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