Proposed flag of the State of New Hampshire

Proposed flag of the State of New Hampshire

Yesterday, I posted a proposed flag of New Hampshire that meets some more of the good design principles of flag design. See that post for more information.

Brian Cham made some comments about the design of my New Hampshire flag, which I think were quite right. My wife also suggested that it was not “flag-like”. Given a few hours of rumination, I have now modified that design slightly.

I have added two more mountains, to make the “White Mountains”, plural, rather than just one mountain, and I have moved the granite from a lower part of the mountain, to a bar that goes under the whole state. Granite is the bedrock of the whole state, so this makes sense to me.

The white mountains on the blue background also make a pattern now, which I think would make it easier for a child to draw (rule 1).

Tell me what you think in the comments!

Proposed flag of New Hampshire
A possible flag for New Hampshire

One thought on “Proposed flag of the State of New Hampshire

  1. Hello again Gavin,
    To be honest, I actually prefer the previous version. I see that you’ve incorporated our feedback, which is good, but this one reminds me of teeth more than mountains! I think making the grey area smaller and the mountains larger would help immensely. Or splitting up the three mountains so that their slopes go all the way from top to bottom (hard to explain in words).

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