Trying Impossible Burger

Trying Impossible Burger

This post is not sponsored by Impossible but I’m always open to being contacted.

Impossible burger has not been available to my wife and I in local supermarkets and as fans of our one-and-only planet Earth, my wife and I are always keen to reduce our meat intake, especially of beef. Well, Impossible recently started to sell directly (note: not a referral link). We ordered four 12oz ground [UK English: minced] ‘beef’ packages.

They were delivered in environmentally conscious packaging, packaged with dry ice, and they were frozen solid. Absolutely no sign that they had been out in the warm weather outside, on unrefrigerated trucks etc.

When the package arrived, we cooked it up with some fresh gluten free pasta (the pasta was not shipped in environmentally conscious packaging – tsk, also not a referral link) but very tasty. If you’ve tried Beyond Burger, and other similar products, you expect a ‘not-quite-right’ taste. You expect a weird smell, like dog food when you open the package. With Impossible you don’t get any of that.

The pasta sauce tasted exactly like it would with beef in it:

Impossible burger with gluten free linguine

As I write this, we are cooking up some chili [UK English: chilli con carne] and my taste-tests confirm that it tastes exactly like it has beef in it. I reckon on a blind taste test you would not tell the difference.

On a personal note, I am disappointed that Beyond Meat seem to be doing such a good job of getting into stores. Their product is objectively inferior, and may be causing carnivores to doubt the claims that Impossible justifiably makes.

Impossible chilli con carne [US English: chili] early in the cook

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