How to fix Zoom audio issues on Mac

How to fix Zoom audio issues on Mac

Just a quick one because we just had some trouble with audio issues when working with Zoom on a new Mac Mini (M2). The issue was that when we adjusted the volume on the Mac in Zoom settings, the volume did not change. The voices of the people in the meeting were way too loud and adjusting the volume did nothing (I’ve seen reports elsewhere on the internet where the volumes were too low, or muted).

It turns out that Zoom does not play nicely. If you adjust the volume in Zoom’s Audio Settings, you find that the volume jumps back to zero as if you haven’t adjusted it.

To fix this:

  • Open the Apple menu (in the menu bar)
  • Click System Settings
  • Click Sound
  • Click Output (if it’s not already selected)
  • Select the audio device that you wish to have the sound come from
  • Adjust the volume here to a sensible level
  • Open Zoom (Command + Space, then type “zoom” and press Enter)
  • Click (in the menu bar)
  • Click Preferences
  • Click Audio
  • In the Speaker drop-down choose the same speaker as chosen in the System Settings window
  • Close the windows you’re not using, and test the volume in a Zoom call. You should find it now adjusts properly when you use your keyboard buttons, etc.

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