Vote for Will Stewart in Manchester NH Mayor election: September 19, 2023

Vote for Will Stewart in Manchester NH Mayor election: September 19, 2023

On September 19 this year, we vote for our next Mayor. I genuinely believe our best option is Will Stewart because his policies reflect the reality on the ground. There is another good candidate, but Will’s policies go that little bit further beyond what is some candidates believe will be politically tolerated, towards what is actually needed, will work, and what is supported by the evidence.

For example, we know that most of the Western world has a lack of affordable housing. We also know that the USA’s zoning system works best for car manufacturers, and less well for thriving city centers, for reducing homelessness, and for the environment. Will’s plans to amend those policies, so that more people can live in the city, be customers for our businesses, and achieve much of their life without needing to pollute the air, are all good and proven. The incumbent political interests agree but are afraid of saying what they think.

Bravery in policies

Something similar happened with gay marriage. Most national Democrats wouldn’t talk about gay rights until the Supreme Court ruled in favor. Suddenly Obama was on-side, but until then had been amazingly quiet on the matter. There are lots of policies on Will’s site that centrist Democrats support but are afraid to implement. I am with Will as someone willing to read the literature and do the right things.

Vote on September 19th

If you’re in Manchester NH, you can vote on September 19th at your local polling place.

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