Why I use Bing, not Google, nor Siri

Why I use Bing, not Google, nor Siri

I’ve said before that Siri understands me better than Google Assistant. Google Assistant will often say it doesn’t understand the name of devices in my house, or will add “pingle” to the shopping list, whatever that is.

When I got my iPhone 15 with an action button, I made Bing listen for a question when I pressed it. This works well for me because, like Siri, Bing understands me better than Google Assistant. But, more important than that, it can actually answer my questions.

The following audio is Siri, then Google Assistant, then Bing. See which one gives you the answer you want. I asked the same thing to all three, “How many words are there in Babel by RF Kuang?” I repeated this test multiple times, to make sure I wasn’t saying it more clearly to one service or another.

So, my question has to be, why is Bing not gaining market share in web search? The results are quite clear.

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