11 thoughts on “How to accept Apple Family Sharing from an Android device

  1. Bro, I was looking everywhere online for this. THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT I NEEDED! I spent an hour figuring this out and all I needed was this damnit dude. THANK YOU SO MUCH YOU ARE THE GOAT

    1. Do you know whether family sharing works for screen time too? One of my kids moved to an android phone and before I could limit his screen time and downtime but not sure whether this will work now.

      1. I think what you want to do is install Google Family Link on your iPhone and then you can manage an Android device from there. I hope that helps.

  2. Thank you so much. I was tearing my hair out, trying to set up apple music for my two kids.

  3. thanx for the instructions.

    just a quick comment for users with Xiaomi phones that cant accept the invitation:

    my wife uses Xiaomi phone, and it doesnt have “advanced” menu inside the app.
    tried a workaround through supported links in the MIUI OS – still didnt work (poor OS experience, I must say).

    so the workaround I used is working with another Android phone with your manual (i nmy case, with my son’s oneplus phone) and then reopen the app in the xiaomi phone after the invitation was accepted.

    works great!

  4. I was actually sweating trying to get this right !!
    You have no idea how useful your article was, thank you so much !!

  5. Thank you very much for this…Breaks my brain why apple purposefully makes shit so difficult. Fokken etters! But this worked perfectly thanks again!

  6. Hi! I have a Samsung S22 Ultra and I’m not able to see the “Apple Music/Advance” feature on my Settings. Can you please advise?

  7. Hi, will this activate Apple TV+ sharing too? Or is it limited to Apple Music only?

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