Why you should vote for truth

Why you should vote for truth

There are a lot of criteria that people use to decide how to vote. This article explains why the GOP should never get your vote, and why you should vote for truth.

There are a few key issues that define the political parties in the United States. One of those issues is abortion.

The Republican Party in America claims to be “pro-life” because it is against legal abortions. This despite the science about the viability of fetuses, the way cells divide and specialize, and – most importantly – the risk to the mother of some pregnancies being allowed to continue. Europe has largely stopped the propagation of some genetic diseases by checking the baby during pregnancy, while America as a whole is moving back towards the dark days of banning abortion, and some states already have.

There’s also the niggling fact that states that limit abortion have higher rates of abortion than ones that provide sexual health treatment, counselling, etc.

But this so-called pro-life Republican Party also advocates for lax gun control. Guns were involved in the death of 45,222 adults and children in 2020 in the United States (Source). That is a rate nearly 55 times higher than in the culturally similar United Kingdom (Source). If you prefer life to death, you should choose gun control over abortion as the more important issue. And abortion can be prevented pretty effectively by educating young men about rape, by providing free contraception, and by utilizing social workers and therapists in place of police and jails.

Guns were involved in the death of 45,222
adults and children in 2020 in the United States

This so-called pro-life group also advocates against providing insulin at prices that reflect international norms and humane justice. And it fights scientifically proven contraception, drug treatment, homeless assistance, mental health treatment, and incarceration, all of which result in lost lives and lives of lower quality.

The Grand Old Party supports penal codes that, in the more secular world, are considered brutal, counter-productive, and expensive. Again, this is supported by science. The death penalty is inhumane and cannot be reversed in cases of miscarriages of justice.

If you support the Republicans because of your beliefs, question whether your beliefs require you to support policies that result in death, degraded lives, and a continuance of less-than-ideal outcomes that science knows how to resolve.

The moral choice – the Christian choice, if you insist – is to vote for the scientifically-aligned candidates. There are currently no scientifically-aligned Republican candidates. And even if the truth is not important to you, the vast majority of Republican candidates are a danger to the peaceful transfer of power – they are a danger to democracy itself.

This is why the GOP should never get your vote, and you should vote for truth.

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