New Hampshire Democratic Primary 2022 Candidates (And how to learn about them)

New Hampshire Democratic Primary 2022 Candidates (And how to learn about them)

There are three candidates for the Democratic Primary on September 13th, 2022. They are:

  • Maggie Hassan (incumbent)
  • Paul J Krautmann; and
  • John Riggieri

I cannot find a website for John Riggieri, but Maggie Hassan’s website is here: and Paul J Krautmann’s is here:

On September 13, 2022, New Hampshire citizens get to vote for one of the New Hampshire Democratic Primary 2022 candidates.

The candidates’ priorities

The candidates have quite different priorities based on the top items on their websites:

Maggie HassanPaul J KrautmannJohn Riggieri
First PriorityTax cuts, medical care for veteransAnti-warTBC
Second PriorityInfrastructure modernizationMedicare for allTBC
Third PrioritySmall businessesDignity for peopleTBC
Fourth PriorityPrescription drug costsWomen’s rightsTBC
Fifth PriorityWomen’s health (abortion)LGBTQ+ rightsTBC

I have expressed disappointment in the past that Maggie Hassan voted against an increase in the minimum wage being tacked onto another bill. The minimum wage is currently 40% lower than it was in 1970 when it was set and would be $12 if it hadn’t changed since then.

But ultimately, we need a Democrat in the Senate from New Hampshire: In my opinion, the GOP’s candidates are unelectable because they are against the results of elections being honored (which is the minimum we require in a democracy), all the candidates in the Republican primary are in favor of the attempted coup and murders of January 6th 2021 (Source), and the protection of billionaires’ lower tax rates and tax increases on the middle and working classes (Source).

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