The things the Democrats should have done by now

The things the Democrats should have done by now

The failure of the Democrats to do the following while they have held a majority in both houses of Congress and while the President has been a Democrat is why they are polling so poorly before the mid-term elections. Action on the mandatory items below is the bare minimum we expected when we voted Democrat in 2020. The following are the things the Democrats should have done by now:

Mandatory items:

  • Legislate a mandatory minimum amount of paid vacation
  • Legislate mandatory paid maternity and paternity leave
  • Link the minimum wage to inflation
  • End the federal death penalty
  • Ban gerrymandering and require genuinely independent boundary commissions
    • (Even if this is unconstitutional or falls foul of the Supreme Court, it’s got to be worth a try – democracy is more important)
  • End the criminalization of harmless drugs
  • Pass meaningful climate change legislation
  • Pass meaningful environmental protection legislation to strengthen the EPA and stop wealthy businesses from harming poor or middle-class individuals
  • Formally legalize gay marriage
  • Formally legalize interracial marriage
  • Formally legislate for gender equality

Items we expect:

  • Legislate for universal healthcare (which every other country has)
  • Legislate for early-term, or medical-need abortion
  • Ban all weapons except those for sports purposes
  • Legislate mandatory sidewalks in urban areas
  • Implement statutory responsibilities on communities to reduce their homicide rate below the average of G7 nations
  • Implement statutory responsibilities on communities (local governments) to provide for those in poverty
  • Reduce federal incarceration rates

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One thought on “The things the Democrats should have done by now

  1. Passing some climate change legislation is progress, but the fossil fuel industry protections included in it suggest an anti-scientific bias once more. Still, something is better than nothing.

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